Show #529: Jesus Cancels

The President talked at the Boy Scouts, Justin Bieber cancels his tour and things people hate on dates. Plus, a suggested story about a man and his self-severed penis and a dude who wrote a whole chapter about OJ Simpson’s junk


Show #529: Jesus Cancels

Show #528: Cheap-Ass Whore Bath Nerd Car Wash

We’ve got complaints…Kareem is sick of people who can’t stay away from R. Kelly, Jason hates drivers and Nate has the tale of the Cheap-Ass Whore Bath Nerd Car Wash. Plus, a doctor calls a woman “Aunt Jemima” the “tan mom” is upset about her daughter’s sunburn and the “hot felon” has a new lady.

Show #528: Cheap-Ass Whore Bath Nerd Car Wash

Show #527: Alex Iver

Alex Jones put to music…Kareem sees the Roots, Nate sees Beck and Jason has a nice little weekend. Plus, Senator Caitlyn Jenner? And a new crosswalk in Small Town News!

Show #527: Alex Iver

NDS Classic Show #408: Salute to Ali

Originally Uploaded June, 2016

Kareem returns…we salute Muhammad Ali with some of his trash talking, a George Carlin routine that addresses his treatment by the government and how he’s different than today’s athlete. Plus, an unusual competition…a passive-aggressive Spanish town and there’s no smoking at the drive-in!

Show #408: Salute to Ali

NDS Classic Show #344: Scary Small Town News

The computer ate our Friday show, which sucks, because it was fantastic. This one is too. please enjoy this show from October, 2015

It’s our Halloween episode, but not too weenie. We talk our favorite scary movies and stumble upon movies that are scary but not really horror films. The Walking Dead leads to an actual “zombie” slaying…we tap into the dark sides of our humor after the story of a man killing grandma. Plus, we make a seemingly ordinary Small Town News very scary…ooooohhhh.

Show #344: Scary Small Town News

Show #526: Half-Beard

We’re back after a week away for the 4th of July.  What happens when NPR tweets the Declaration of Independence…a Reddit troll says sorry, but the President won’t…and a Super-Size Florida Corner. Plus, how our dearly departed friend Gordie Little is honored.

Show #526: Half-Beard

NDS Classic Show #42: Shame Spiral

Originally uploaded April 2012

Larry is tanning his toned calves, so Nick Pettigrew joins Nate & Mel for the fun.

We discover lots of horrible British people, revel in the Iron Sheik and reveal the dream twitter war. Plus, why we should all have just a little more shame

Show #42: Shame Spiral

NDS Classic Show #91: Meditation Chatterbox

Originally uploaded March 2013

Hey, Good Friday Everybody!  On this episode, Ted gets in a Fender Bender, Christiana gives Tina Fey too much credit and Nate dodges furniture on the freeway.  Plus, Becca’s “silent retreat” isn’t what she bargained for, why she needed a retreat from the retreat.

We’ve got penis news, from big to small and Rush Limbaugh has some opinions about Beyonce and how chickens might be turning your kids gay!

Show #91: Meditation Chatterbox

NDS Classic Show #366: She’s Baaaccckkk

Originally uploaded January 2016

Donald Trump picks up a very shrill endorsement. A cross-dressing scandal in Rhode Island…and a turkey that takes flight…in a commercial airline. Plus, Sam’s wild weekend and what happens when you quit Burger King and burn your uniform…in Florida, of course.

Show #366: She’s Baaaccckkk

NDS Classic Show #312: Looks Scary, Usually Nothing

Originally uploaded July 2015

Nate makes Kareem & Sam cringe with his surprise medical situation on vacation. Plus, Kanye makes Freddie Mercury spin in his grave…and the danger lurking in Gordie Little’s backyard.

Show #312: Looks Scary, Usually Nothing