NDS Classic Show #496: Well Shoot!

Originally uploaded February 2017

Another Nate solo show…with hunters who shoot each other and blame Mexicans, a Wisconsin streaker and driving with ferret. Plus, mom & daughter work together in Florida Corner.

Show #496: Well Shoot!

Morning Crunchwrap 03/08/19

An award is set to be given to a Finnish journalist, then it’s not. Is this a “regrettable error” or something more of a look inside how the State Department is operating under the current administration? Plus, why getting your feelings hurt may be part of your job.

Morning Crunchwrap March 08

Morning Crunchwrap 03/06/19

There are protesters in London, some coming from all across Europe and the world to support Michael Jackson just ahead of the airing of “Finding Neverland” in the U.K. What they’re saying and why the issue isn’t as clear as some might think.

Morning Crunchwrap March 06

NDS Classic Show #201: Get Diana To The Bunny Ranch

Originally uploaded May 2014

NOTE: Diana is now in a committed, loving relationship. This is a period piece.

We talk flashing beaver in Beaverton, the new place that’s banned Donald Sterling and Diana’s new “goal”

Show #201: Get Diana To The Bunny Ranch