WTH #667: Time To Sit, Time To Suck It

New name, same great show? There are some changes…but our essence remains.  Trump visits Mt. Vernon and wonders why George Washington was such a loser. Plus, nudity, karate and a shoplifting dog in one Wisconsin Walmart. Please give us 5 stars on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

WTH #667: Time To Sit, Time To Suck It

Morning Crunchwrap 04/18/19

Talk show host Wendy Williams, famous for dishing the dirt on other celebrities, now has dirt on herself. But will she treat her own relationship the way she’s treated so many others? TMZ has the juicy gossip, so I guess turnabout is fair play.

Morning Crunchwrap April 18

Show #666: The Devil Made Me Do It

This show carries the mark of the beast…and the devil was certainly in the details…like hitting record. Nate sees some DC Movies, GOT is back, Tiger is getting a medal, so now Kareem is out on Tiger…and Mayor Pete officially enters the 2020 Presidential race…and Kareem is out on him too. Is Kareem just fickle?

Show #666: The Devil Made Me Do It

Morning Crunchwrap 04/16/19

The fire at Notre Dame cathedral in Paris is out, while the roof is gone, the bell towers and the art have survived. Today we look at people’s reaction on social media and why so many people feel the need to make any event about them, even before we know the full scope of what’s happening.

Morning Crunchwrap April 16

NDS Classic Show #335: Kareem Is Trapped

Mic Only NDS LOGOOriginally uploaded September 2015

Kareem is trapped in his garage, so Sam, Diana & Nate make it a threesome. See how conservative broadcasters talked about the pope, why the left hand is the devil and what would prompt someone to punch an old dude in the face at Costco.

Show #335: Kareem Is Trapped