Classic Episode: Show #73 Happy Thanksgiving Scud Stud

Mic Only NDS LOGOOriginally posted November 2012

With Nate & Diana under the weather, please enjoy this classic episode…the first with Nate, Christiana & Ted!

Ted, Christiana & Nate team up for their first show together as the new cast. Learn about Ted…his trip to Israel and how that prompted Nate to remember a long forgotten media star. Find out how John Kerry turned a Southern California girl into a West Virginia University fan.  Plus, our Thanksgiving traditions, the Lions suck and our plans for this year’s celebration.

You can now call the show and leave us a message anytime at (818) 861-6283. We might even play it on the show.

Show #73 Happy Thanksgiving Scud Stud

Show #225: Bruce Springsteen of Sex

Mic Only NDS LOGOBecca Costello sits in with Ted, Diana & Nate to talk trail running, Kanye & Kim and the lady running against Clay Aiken for Congress. Plus, we look at the Orgasm Gap and what can be done about it and Nate makes a Kanye-esque claim.

Show #225: Bruce Springsteen of Sex